Mennonite Student Accidentally Enrolls at Carnegie Mellon University


Andrea Enns, 18, of North Kildonan was really looking forward to attending CMU in Winnipeg this fall only to discover that she’d actually enrolled at some university in Pennsylvania instead.

“I guess it’s off to Pittsburgh for me,” said Enns. “I just hope their Peace and Conflict Transformational Studies program is a good as the one in Winnipeg.”

Enns says what most disappoints her about getting into Carnegie Mellon University is the complete lack of Stanley Hauerwas on the syllabi.

“And I guess I’ll have to read Donald Kraybill’s Upside Down Kingdom just for fun or something,” said Enns. “I suppose that’s just the price you pay when you go to the wrong CMU.”

Other than that, Enns believes the transition to life in Pennsylvania should not be much of a stretch, though she doesn’t know how she’s going to last a full semester without good proper farmer sausage.

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