Mennonite Woman Spends All Day Tracking Her Amazon Package


Mrs. Loewen of Saskatoon has been eagerly anticipating her package from Amazon this Christmas and has been spending every waking moment checking for shipping updates.

Dietschlaund! It’s still in Flin Flon, Manitoba for some reason! Waut de schissjat is going on here!” said Mrs. Loewen, frantically refreshing the page. “So at 5 AM it left Flin Flon and it’s been on a truck all day! My Earl sure will be disappointed this Christmas if this delivery doesn’t make it on time!”

Mrs. Loewen has been so beside herself in anticipation that she’s been staring out by the picture window every five minutes looking for that Amazon truck.

“Oh, who’s that there? Ach, it’s just Mrs. Klassen doing her rounds,” said Mrs. Loewen. “I’m just waiting for that tall handsome Amazon delivery man.”

At press time, Mrs. Loewen’s package still has not arrived and she’s beginning to think she should have been buying her books at the local independent bookstore all along.

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