‘Mainstream Media Can’t be Trusted’ Says Area Man Who Gets All His Information from Memes


A local man who gets all his information from memes he sees on social media has publicly declared that he has absolutely no use for “mainstream media.”

“Ach, they’re all biased,” said Mr. Yoder. “This meme on that other hand. Now that’s some reliable information right here!”

Yoder’s been posting memes with quotes and factoids for quite some time and has really accumulated quite the wealth of knowledge.

“The mainstream media may have cornered the market on liberal bias, but I’m combating that with confirmation bias,” said Yoder, smug and comfortable in his parent’s basement. “The great thing about memes is you can whip one up in thirty seconds to say absolutely anything you want.”

Aghast at the tremendous bias exhibited by this Daily Bonnet article, Yoder clarified that he doesn’t get all his info from memes; he also consults a wide variety of YouTubers.

“I think the key to understanding the world,” said Yoder, “is to have extreme distrust of mainstream media, but have absolutely no discernment or discretion for the things you find on YouTube. Works for me.”

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