Mennonite Woman Eats Over the Sink to Avoid Doing Dishes


Neighbour lady Mrs. Fehr has reported Mrs. Loewen next door for “repeatedly eating over the sink.” Mrs. Fehr claims she witnessed such behaviour more than a dozen times over the past year while spying on Mrs. Loewen with a telescope her son Danny left behind when he went to college.

“Oba, that woman,” exclaimed Mrs. Fehr. “Eating over the sink..and right out of the pot yet!”

In her defence, Mrs. Loewen claims that eating over the sink means she doesn’t have to do dishes.

“Not to mention all the crumbs on the table,” said Mrs. Loewen. “I haven’t washed a dish or wiped the table in almost twenty years.”

Mrs. Loewen says there is nothing wrong with eating over the sink and it sure beats eating in front of the TV like Mrs. Fehr does.

“She think she’s the only woman in town with a telescope?” said Mrs. Loewen. “Doris better keep her blinds shut from now on!”

Mrs. Fehr claims that eating in front of the TV is perfectly acceptable, especially if she’s watching a nice Billy Graham program or something.

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