Mennonite Woman Discovered Hidden Behind Her Englisher Husband’s Surname


When Sarah Smith, 27, moved to Hochstein from the city this year to run the coffee shop, locals were immediately impressed by the “authentic Englisher” they now had living in their midst.

“Smith you say? Wow, how exotic,” said Mrs. Froese. “So what brings you all the way out to Hochstein?”

Smith was able to keep her true identity under wraps for a good year and a half before locals began to get suspicious.

“We were talking about her in Plautdietsch at the nail salon,” said Mrs. Froese. “I was beginning to suspect she was understanding what we were saying when she blurted out ‘oba nay!’ during a particularly juicy moment of the conversation.”

As it turns out, Smith is just her married name.

“Who knew there was a Friesen hidden behind that Smith?” said Mrs. Froese. “You never know with folks these days.”

According to her confession in church on Sunday, Sarah grew up in North Kildonan and met her husband Jonathan Smith at a crokinole tournament in the St. Margaret’s Anglican church basement.

“I guess there’s no denying it now,” said Smith, donning her duak. “I hope I get treated just as well now that the cat’s out of the bag.”

Hochsteiners were initially willing to welcome Smith-Friesen into their close-knit Mennonite community, that is, until they found out she was actually an MBer.

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