Artificial Intelligence Wrote This Daily Bonnet Article (For Real)

In yet one more way that the Internet is dead set on utterly destroying all of human civilization, artificial intelligence can now do our writing for us.

Admittedly, it’s not very good at it … yet. It gets the grammar and spelling, but humour? Not so much. So here it is, the very first Daily Bonnet article NOT written by Andrew Unger.

Using one of the AI Chat bots, I asked it to “write a funny satirical newspaper article about Mennonites in the style of The Daily Bonnet.” Here’s what it came up with:

The Mennonite community has always been a tight-knit bunch. They stick to their strict faith, refuse to swear oaths, refuse to participate in war, and generally shun all forms of worldly pleasures.

But recently, there has been a subtle change in the Mennonite community. Traditionally, they have chosen to remain quiet and anonymous, preferring to stick to their small community. However, in recent years, they have begun to emerge into the open, joining the popular culture, participating in the arts and often being seen in the social circles of other communities.

Many Mennonites believe this change is a result of their growing isolation. After all, the community is small and, as a result, members often know each other intimately. But as the community grows, they find they need to form new relationships in order to keep up with the social life of the larger community.

Some Mennonites are cynics, believing this change is a ploy to get more members into their church and increase their bottom line. But others believe this shift is simply a sign of the community adapting to the changing times. Whatever the reason, the Mennonite community is growing and changing, just like the rest of the world. 

Good grammar and spelling but over all pretty superficial. And definitely not funny. So I tried again and asked it to, “write a funny story about Mennonites.” Here’s what it came up with:

Once upon a time there were two Mennonites who were out walking. As they were walking, one of the Mennonites said to the other, “I just can’t believe that I am a Mennonite.” The other Mennonite replied, “I know, it’s crazy.” 

Ha ha, that’s terrible. I think The Daily Bonnet is safe … for now.

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