Justin Trudeau Plans to Stick Around Long Enough to Become the Next Joe Biden


Despite losing a safe seat in Toronto this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to stick around for a while, just like his inspiration south of the border Joe Biden.

“Look at Joe. That man’s well into his 80’s,” said Trudeau. “There’s no reason I can’t be losing elections when I’m that age, too.”

Trudeau, like his American counterpart, is the stubborn type and won’t step down just because it’s clear by now that no one wants him in there anymore.

“I think what Canadians want is the chance to vote me out,” said Trudeau. “And, like Joe Biden, I plan to give them that opportunity. Hey, if I’m going down, might as well take the whole party down with me, right, Joe?”

Trudeau plans to do everything he can to emulate his hero Joe Biden.

“At this point it’s all about ego, not winning,” said Trudeau. “They always days that quitting is for losers, but Joe and I are going to show them that not quitting can have the same effect.”

Apparently this all seems perfectly fine to political hacks in both countries, who are perfectly content to lose the next election so long as they don’t have to upset their glorious leaders.

(photo credit: Alex Guibord/CC)

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