Mennonite Man Wears Steel Toe Boots to Church


In an abundance of caution, Mr. Plett has taken to wearing his steel toe boots everywhere he goes, including church.

“I’m a Mennonite, so of course I don’t care about safety recommendations,” said Plett, “but these steel toe boots look so darn sexy I just can’t take them off.”

The steel toes came in handy on Sunday afternoon, however, as Plett was tasked with setting up the tables for the afternoon faspa.

“I knew I couldn’t trust that Thiessen kid to hold his end of the table,” said Plett. “Next time I’m setting up all the tables myself!”

The steel toes also offered significant protection when they day old zwieback was being passed around.

“Mrs. Reimer always drops a few,” said Plett. “Good thing I’ve got protection.”

Plett has also taken to wearing a jockstrap and cup while the Wiebe sisters attempt to open the pickle jars.

(photo credit: Phillip Pessar/CC)

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