Manitoba Hill Masquerades as “Mountain”


A number of hills in Western Manitoba that have been calling themselves “mountains” for quite some time, are finally facing the truth.

“I’m a hill, alright? And I’m a good-looking hill. Every bit as beautiful as those showy mountains out west,” said local hill Baldy Mountain. “Plus I’m so much more accessible than those mountains. You can drive right up to my peak. Not a carabiner or harness involved.”

The Society for Truth in Physical Geography is asking that people call Riding Mountain and Duck Mountain “hills” from now on.

“Technically it’s a scarp causes by glacial scouring,” said Dr. Thiessen. “But if you feel better telling everyone you visited a ‘mountain’ then so be it.”

The Society is also trying to stop everyone from bragging to all their friends about the exotic desert vacation they took to Spruce Woods.

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