Mennonite Man Refuses to Watch ‘Women Talking’ but Really Loves ‘12 Angry Men’


Local film buff, Abe B. Dyck, 68, says he has absolutely no interest in watching a film called Women Talking, saying he usually spends his weekends rewatching 12 Angry Men over and over.

“Ahh, now this a movie. 12 angry men yelling at each other for 2 hours,” said Dyck. “It takes me back to those church elder board meetings.”

Dyck admits he first picked up a Betamax copy of the film at Adi’s Video in Steinbach back in 1986, thinking the title was 12 Angry Mennos.

“All I know is this movie’s a classic, unlike that Women Talking movie I haven’t seen,” said Dyck. “I’m also a huge fan of Grumpy Old Mennos.

With Women Talking returning to Steinbach’s Keystone Cinema at the end of March, Dyck understands that soon he’ll be the only one in town who hasn’t seen it.

“It’s going to make conversation really difficult in the church lobby and coffee shop,” said Dyck. “But I think I can handle it. I never shy away from expressing my opinions on things I know nothing about. How else do you think I’ve formulated so many opinions on Miriam Toews’s novels?”

Dyck is planning to stage a local theatre production of 12 Angry Men, in which he and his buddies sit in a coffee shop solving all the world’s problems.


(With credit to Sarah Polley, whose anecdote inspired this article.)

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