Long Lost Mennonite Man Discovered Puttering in the Garage


Almost three decades after Art Wiens went missing back in 1996, he was found to be puttering in the garage of his North Kildonan home.

“I don’t know why I never thought of checking in there,” said Mrs. Wiens. “I called him for supper that one fateful day long ago and after he never replied I guess I just gave him up for dead.”

The discovery was made this afternoon after the couple’s son Kevin, well into his 40s by now, decided it was time he started tinkering around in the garage himself.

“And, lo and behold, there was Dad after all these years,” said Kevin. “Looks like he’d got a lot of shelving built over the decades.”

The elder Mr. Wiens says he’s worked on a lot of projects out there since the mid-90s, but still has a few more on the go.

“There’s always something to do around here,” said Mr. Wiens. “It’s a good thing Martha lets me park the car in the driveway so I have the whole garage to myself.”

Mrs. Wiens says the only reason she parked outdoors all these years was because she was still waiting on her husband to fix the garage door opener.

“Jauma! It’s on my list,” said Mr. Wiens. “I’ll get to it eventually. I promise.”

Mr. Wiens is happy to be reunited with his family but plans to head right back to the garage just as soon as supper is over.

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