Church Leaders Permit Waitresses to Work on Sundays


After lengthy deliberations, leaders of a local Mennonite church have decided that the day of rest need not apply to female restaurant servers.

“Sunday is a day of rest,” explains Rev. John F. Stobbe of East Kronsgart Brethren Church. “That means that every single one of us should be able to take the day off and just head over to Smitty’s after church for an iced tea and breakfast skillet. No one should have to work!”

Stobbe explained that politely laughing at his corny jokes while jotting down his order with a ball point pen that never seems to work is an essential service, and the one exception to the rule.

“The Lord said that if a child or ox falls into a well we are permitted to rescue it, even on the Sabbath,” said the Reverend. “Well, when I’ve got a hankering for a short stack combo with a side of smoked country ham, who can argue that’s not just as essential an emergency as a drowning child or livestock?”

Stobbe said that he also felt it was okay for athletes and broadcasters to work on Sunday afternoons, and that his wife was also permitted to go back to the kitchen and microwave him a pizza pocket while he sits back with his feet up and enjoys the game.

(Photo credit: by navets/CC)

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