Mennonite Man Points Out Speck of Sawdust in Brother’s Eye


Mr. Hofstetter just couldn’t believe the size of the speck in Mr. Horst’s eye this week and made sure to point it out to him in the church lobby on Sunday.

“Would you look at that man over there with the speck of sawdust in his eye!” exclaimed Mr. Hofstetter. “In all my years, I’ve seen a lot of specks in a whole lot of eyes, but never, just never, have I seen one that big!”

Mr. Hofstetter loves to point of specks of sawdust in the eye’s of his fellow church-mates, claiming that it’s a safety issue or something like that.

“If I don’t point out those specks of sawdust, who will?” wondered Mr. Hofstetter. “I mean that speck of sawdust was so large, I’m surprised that Mr. Horst didn’t notice it himself. Good thing I’m around to point it out!”

Mr. Horst admitted he had a speck of sawdust in his eye and right away rushed over the church bathroom to wash it clean.

“I’m so grateful to Mr. Hofstetter for pointing out the speck in my eye,” said Mr. Horst. “I just don’t know what I would do without this keen pointing abilities.”

Mr. Horst thanked Mr. Hofstetter for his services, although he did wonder how Mr. Hofstetter could see all these specks in all these other eyes when there was such an enormous log in his own.

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