Meddachschlop Over 60: Five Tips for Mennonite Seniors

As we age, many things that we took for granted as young Mennonites start to become more difficult. Plowing is hard on the back. Hitting that high note during the Vespers service becomes a challenge. Interest in raw formavorscht begins to wane. However, some topics are difficult to talk about. That is why the Daily Bonnet has consulted with experts in the field to discuss the most taboo subject of them all: meddachschlop after sixty.

Here are the top tips from our experts.

  • Make a plan for meddachschlopBetween visits with the grandkids and a round of golf at the Fly-in, finding time for meddachschlop can be difficult. It might even be that Sunday after church is not the best time for you. Perhaps a Wednesday afternoon right after Family Feud is more your speed.
  • Leave room to be spontaneous. While making a plan is important, it’s also a good idea to be spotaneous with your meddachschlop. Maybe you just had a big dinner and need to lay down for a bit. Maybe the frintschoft has finally left and you’re in need of a good fifteen or twenty minute meddachschlop. Let it happen! The dishes can wait!
  • Don’t worry if things don’t work out. Many older Mennonites suffer from meddachschlop anxiety and worry that they just don’t have the energy that they used to. When it comes to meddachschlop, however, the less energy you have the better. You’re trying to get a good nap in, after all, aren’t you?
  • Try something new! It’s never too late to try something new with your afternoon nap routine. Maybe Martha can sleep on your left this time. Maybe you’ll leave the lights on. Perhaps you’ll crank of the ‘Back to the Bible’ broadcast and see what that does. Don’t be afraid to broaden your meddachschlop horizons.
  • Consider your health. Studies have shown that afternoon naps with Martha can do wonders for your health. Couples who meddachschlop regularly live two to three years longer than those who don’t. So stay young! Have plenty of meddachschlop!

So, there you have it. Try one of these tips this afternoon and let us know how it turned out!

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