Mennonite Man Charged with Distracted Driving for Knacking Zoat Behind the Wheel


Local man Colin Peters, 41, is facing distracted driving charges after being spotted by Altona police with a bag of Ronnie’s Original Jumbo Sunflower Seeds in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. The arrest came after a recent campaign by Altona police to crackdown on driving under the influence of knackzoat.

“We’re reminding drivers to keep their eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel,” said Constable Kehler. “If you’ve got to knack, please wait until you’re at home on your front lawn like everyone else.”

Police say Peters was caught when he pulled up to Altona’s lone set of traffic lights and rolled down his window to spit out the seeds.

“That’s a dead giveaway,” said Kehler. “As soon as the window goes down and a head leans out, I know the next thing I’m going to see is some Menno trying to knack the shells out the window without getting spit all over his beard.”

Police seized Peters’ car as evidence, where they found a thick mound of zoat and a few Tim Hortons cups.

“The vehicle was filled with seeds: in coffee cups, the ashtray, the glove compartment – everywhere!” said Peters. “It’s no wonder he had to resort to spitting them out the window.”

Altona police are urging residents to knack their zoat in a controlled environment such as Mrs. Janzen’s living room or the Bergthaler Church parking lot.

(photo credit: Jason Bain/CC)

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