Mennonite Woman Scores Massive Haul of Northern Reflections Wolf Sweaters at MCC Store


Eleanor Pankratz, 71, of Altona brought home the world’s largest collection of Northern Reflections wolf sweaters from her local MCC Store this week.

“I’m beyond ecstatic,” said Pankratz, modelling a howling wolf sweatshirt for the Daily Bonnet reporter. “I never thought I’d come across a collection like this. I guess one of the Thiessen twins passed away. They were renowned for their Northern Reflections tops.”

Pankratz purchased a total of 83 Northern Reflections sweaters, which cost her a whopping $41.50.

“I was hoping for a few loon sweaters, too,” said Pankratz, “but I guess the Thiessen twins were more into wolfs. Makes sense. It’s such a conversation starter.”

Pankratz plans to bring all her new tops to the lake this summer where she plans to haul them out on chilly evenings while her Abe warms himself with some cheap blended whiskey.

“Ahh, this is the life,” said Pankratz, snuggling herself in one of her new sweaters. “I’ve got that cozy Northern Reflections feeling already!”

(photo credit: get directly down/CC)

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