Mennonite Man Brings Inferior Zoat to Bonfire


Local man Richard Dyck, 57, is facing a slew of criticism this week after bringing something other than Ronnie’s knackzoat to a local bonfire.

“I don’t know what came over that man. If it ain’t Ronnie’s, it ain’t worth knacking,” said Mr. Fehr. “Mr. Dyck knows that as well as any of us. I don’t know what came over him.”

For decades Pembina Valley Mennonites have subsisted entirely on Ronnie’s knackzoat, and rumours are starting to spread that Mr. Dyck might be from Jantsied.

“I don’t have any other explanation,” said Mr. Fehr. “Why on earth did be bring that inferior zoat and expect us to just knack it and knack it and not even notice the difference. Oba! Who does he think we are? Jantsieders?”

It’s still not known why the inferior zoat was brought to the party, but Mr. Fehr believes that his good friend was probably just being a Dyck.

(photo credit: Gavin St. Oar/CC)

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