Mennonite Lady Calls Into ‘Trading Post’ Every Day for Thirty Years


Area woman Mrs. L. Brandt has been trying to get rid of her old ironing board on the radio Trading Post for the past three decades.

“I haven’t missed a Trading Post since the mid 1980s,” explained Brandt. “Still no takers on my ironing board yet.”

For a brief time during the 1990s, Brandt lowered the asking price from $300 to $250, but it was still not enough to get rid of the darn thing, so instead she just calls in day after day in hopes that somebody out there might want it.

“I haven’t lost hope,” said Brandt. “One day the right listener will be listening and will think ‘hey, that’s an excellent price for Mrs. Brandt’s ironing board’ and will give me a call at 326….oh, I shouldn’t say my number on the air yet.”

Brandt admits that her main reason she calls in at this point is just to maintain her relationship with the Trading Post host.

“I feel like we’re frintschoft,” she says. “I’ve outlasted quite a few Trading Posts hosts over the decades, but I always seem to develop a close personal relationship with each one of them.”

Her children have suggested that Mrs. Brandt should consider asking a more reasonable price for the ironing board, but Brandt persists.

“I’m not going to just give it away,” she said. “Besides, if I sell this thing now, I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself between 11:30 and 11:45 every weekday morning.”

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