Mennonite Grandma Now Has More Subs than PewDiePie after Signing Up All Her Relatives


After a string of hilarious videos and video game-commentaries, Mrs. Kroeker of the small town of Corn, Oklahoma has now passed PewDiePie for the most popular YouTuber in the world.

“What can I say, that Grandma Kroeker makes some excellent vids,” says PewDiePie. “You should see her Minecraft video! Instead of commentary, she reads through the Book of Proverbs!”

Mrs. Kroeker’s first video came out just last week but once word got around she became an Internet sensation.

“First my grandson Peter signed up. Then Bethany. Then my nephew Allan. He still lives with my sister Rose, so she signed up, too. Then Uncle Dietrich from the Schellenberg side added me. Then the Loewen sisters, even though they married out of the family…”

Thankfully, Mrs. Kroeker’s enormous Mennonite family have allowed her to surpass PewDiePie and become the world’s most famous YouTuber.

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