Mennonite Couple Overstays Welcome By Two Years


The Klippensteins of Friedensfield showed up uninvited at the Giesbrecht family home in Altona for a dinner party in the fall of 2015 and have finally decided to leave after Mrs. Edna Giesbrecht stood at doorway and said “nah yo dan” every thirty seconds for the past two years.

“Well, never in my wildest dreams would I even think of inviting a Klippenstein over for klups and green beans, but they just showed up one evening back in 2015,” said Mrs. Sarah Giesbrecht. “I tried to get them to leave sometime after dessert, but they just kept talking.”

Mr. and Mrs. Klippenstein parked themselves at the front door for more than a year before Mrs. Giesbrecht cleared her throat and first said “nah yo.” This was the first step in a process than took another twelve months to finally resolve.

“I’m not sure what finally made the Klippensteins leave,” said Mrs. Giesbrecht. “Maybe it was the way I put my hand on my hip and changed my tone of voice. I really don’t know…”

The Klippensteins have returned home to their Friedensfeld bungalow. During their absence over the past 24 months, a nice neighbour boy has been mowing the lawn and shovelling the driveway.

“All he’s asked for is fifteen dollars and ice cream pail of blueberries,” said Mrs. Klippenstein. “That’s a pretty good deal. We’re heading over to the Reimer’s next.”

The Reimer family has suddenly decided to go into missions and will be in Botswana for the next three years.

(photo credit: cybaea/CC)

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