Mennonite Child Wondering Why We’re Singing All These Songs About Calgary this Time of Year


Easter is a confusing time for Mennonite children across the Canadian prairies as, for some reason, we’re all singing songs about Calgary, Alberta again. One such affected child is little Lisa Braun, 9, of Osler, who tugged on her mother’s skirt wondering about the situation.

“You mean Calgary, like where my cousins live?” wondered Lisa at the Osler Mennonite Church Good Friday service. “I heard they had the Olympics back in the olden days or something, but I just don’t know why we’re singing about it all the time. That was a long time ago …”

Pastor John then proceeded into an hour-long sermon about the cross of Calgary, Alberta. Even though she fell asleep halfway through, little Lisa still had a lot of questions.

“Where are the songs about Swift Current? Or Martensville? Or Dalmeny? I think Osler, Saskatchewan should get a few songs, too, right?” said Lisa. “And Yarrow and Abbotsford too. It’s really nice there.”

The confusion is expected to continue for a least a few more years until Lisa takes her baptismal class right before her teenage wedding at age 18. Meanwhile, Lisa’s grandparents are apparently planning a trip to the Holy Land this fall where they hope to visit Calvary and Banff, too.

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