Canadian Gun Enthusiasts Relieved that Covid-19s Were Left Off Trudeau’s List


There was one noticeable item missing from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s list of more than 1500 banned weapons, that being the highly dangerous Covid-19.

“Darn it all. I told Freeland to check for typos!” exclaimed Trudeau. “But, it’s okay, I know that Canadians will do the right thing and pencil it in themselves.”

Gun owners across the country were visibly upset by the new restrictions, but were glad they at least got to keep their Covid-19s.

“It sucks having to hand in all our weapons like this,” said local gun enthusiastic Mr. Penner of Plum Coulee, “but I guess from now on I’ll just have to sleep with a Covid-19 under my pillow.”

Covid-19 sales were through the roof this week, as Canadian gun lovers tried to get their hands on the one weapon they’re seemingly still allowed to have.

“I’m not sure how effective it is on the deer population,” said Mr. Penner, “but I know if you walk around with a Covid-19 people seem to give a wide berth.”

Some Canadians were so upset with the new law that they plan to move to the United States where angry protestors are marching the streets trying to get a Covid-19 into every home in the nation.

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