Local Man Starts ‘Citizens Concerned About Absolutely Everything’ Facebook Page


Concerned citizen Kurt Warkentin, 41, of the Mitchell area has started a Facebook group to express his concern about absolutely everything that goes on in the world.

“Bill 18, taxes, the new multiplex, refugees – you name it, I’m concerned about it,” said Warkentin, with a furrowed brow. “What concerns me most is that people are not as concerned about these issues as I obviously am.”

Warkentin also cited transgender washrooms, the bipole hydro line, Main Street vacancies, street racers, slow pizza delivery, men with earrings, lack of daycare spaces, bullies, uneven sidewalks, global warming, the ramp at the Bethesda Hospital, skateboarders, crystal meth, satire, immodestly dressed women, and losing those last ten pounds as equally concerning.

“I’m hoping the group will attract a lot of concerned citizens,” says Warkentin, “because with our collective Facebook effort, we can accomplish the task of being very very concerned.”

At press time the group already has three members.

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