Mennonite Man Called Before the Church Elders for Commenting on an Article Without Reading It


Mr. Andrew Yoder, 31 was brought before the church elders this week after it came to their attention that he had commented on a Buzz Feed article without reading it and that this had occurred on more than one occasion.

“We cannot abide such anti-social behaviour. I mean, at least click on the article and give it a skim. All you do when you comment without reading is expose your own ignorance,” said Elder Funk. “I mean, young Yoder here even had the audacity to formulate an opinion based solely on the headline! The nerve of that young man!”

In his defence, young Mr. Yoder claims he only has time to get into meaningless arguments with strangers online and doesn’t have the time to read more than five or six words.

“I’m a busy man,” said Yoder. “I’ve got a tight schedule of playing Skyrim every evening and I can’t be bothered to inform myself about what’s going on in the real world.”

Friends say Mr. Yoder would be very upset to hear he was being written about by the Daily Bonnet, but there was nothing to worry about since he would most certainly not read the article for himself.

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