Marty McFly Goes Back 30 Years to the Mysterious World of 1994


Teenage time traveller Marty McFly has just gone back in time 30 years to the strange world of 1994 where things were, like, slightly different than they are now. 

“Wow, the ‘90s! How exotic,” said McFly. “I bet everyone will be so impressed by our modest advancement in technology over the past three decades.”

Certain he would impress these primitive 1990s people, McFly immediately began showing off his cell phone and all the ‘90s folks were quite impressed that in 30 years cell phones had become, umm, a bit more compact.

“And check this out,” said McFly, still trying to impress the crowd. “In 30 years we will have video games and television sets and airplanes and all we’ll be driving around town in things called automobiles.”

Puzzled, the 90s people asked for more information about the future.

“Well, in the year 2024, everyone will be really into vinyl records and waist-high baggy ripped jeans,” he said. “Oh, and the music will be worse, much much worse.”

Upon arriving in 1994, McFly decided to destroy the Time Machine and just live out the rest of his days in the 90s. 

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