Johnny Depp Flees Courthouse in White Ford Bronco


Actor Johnny Depp was spotted leaving a Virginia courthouse this week and cruising back home to California in a white Ford Bronco.

“I think he had enough of all the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard memes and reels,” said Hollywood observer Francis Tashlin. “He just had to get out for some fresh air and what better way than to cruise on down to California in a white Ford Bronco.”

Depp apparently stormed out of court after the prosecution asked him try on a pair of stained black leather gloves.

“After that he smirked and stormed out,” said Tashlin. “We just want Johnny to know that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, every white middle-class person in this country supports you 100%.”

At a press conference later in the day, Depp claimed the “white Ford Bronco thing was completely false” and plans to ask The Daily Bonnet for $50 million in damages.

(photo credit: David Lee/CC/modified)

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