‘Miraculous Tongues’ Turn Out to Be Low German


An enthusiastic new convert from Winnipeg was amazed by the “miraculous tongues” he heard at a church service in Steinbach this past weekend.

“I had never heard or seen anything like it,” said Winnipeger Adam Thomas. “I was in the church lobby and all around me the people were speaking with the mysterious tongues of angels.”

Thomas was amazed that not only could the entire congregation speak in tongues, but they had no trouble understanding each other either.

“They all seemed to have the gift of interpretation as well,” said Thomas. “What a righteous place this is.”

Thomas sat through the entire service and didn’t understand a word, which he took to mean that he wasn’t as blessed as the rest of them.

“Even though I have no clue what they were saying,” said Thomas. “I could tell these people were special. I think I might even drive out here each Sunday, and hopefully eventually I’ll be as holy as all these amazing Mennonite people here in Steinbach.”

(Photo credit: by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious/CC)

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