Mennonite Pastor Enters Sanctuary Hidden in a Broom Cart


The rumours are true. Video footage confirms this week that Mountain Lake’s most popular pastor Tyler Schmidt sneaks into the sanctuary each Sunday hidden in a broom cart.

“Tyleeeeer! Tyleeeer!” screamed Mountain Lake’s top deaconess Megan Thiessen, who posted the footage to TikTok.

Schmidt is embarking on a 20-week sermon series on dispensationalism.

“Welcome to the Eras tour!” shouted Schmidt, who changed his tie five times during the 3-hour service.

Schmidt then broke into his biggest hit “Bad Blood with the MBs” followed quickly by a responsive reading of “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In Here With Those Ripped Jeans.”

Mountain Lakers are reportedly paying upwards of $600 for a pew in the front row. Schmidt’s sermon series ends this fall with a thorough verse-by-verse exegesis of the entire Book of Leviticus.

(photo credit: Mike Mozart/CC)

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