Humble Mennonites Really Proud to Finally Have Their Own Week


In a near unanimous vote on May 29, the government of Canada announced the creation of a new week to honour the nation’s most proud humble residents, the Mennonites.

“Not to brag or anything, but I always knew we’d get our own week,” said a proud humble Mr. Friesen. “Bring on the sausage, I say. Ours is the best, by the way.”

Mennonites were also really proud  humble about their humanitarian achievements, thriftiness, and the record-setting foot-washing service in Aylmer, Ontario back in 2003.

“We washed more feet than the Catholics that Sunday,” said a proud humble Mrs. Dueck. “We also baptized a few teenage brides while we were at it.”

It’s not yet know exactly how the proud humble Mennonites will celebrate the week, but the entire nation is hoping there’s at least a little cottage cheese involved.

“And it better be the wet stuff,” said Mr. Wiebe, practically bursting with pride humility. “I can’t stand dry cottage cheese. Gotta be ‘Mennonite moist’ or nothing at all.”

The inaugural ‘Mennonite Heritage Week’ will be celebrated this September in a proud humble little Mennonite village near you.

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