Canadian Woman’s Passport Expires Before It Even Arrives


Area woman Mavis Eby, 61, just received her passport in the mail this morning only to find that it was already expired.

“You know, this is really frustrating,” said Eby. “I thought when I applied I’d for sure get it before it expired, but I guess I should have asked for the ten-year.”

Eby sent in her application in June of 2017 and was patiently waiting all these years for her new passport to arrive.

“It sure put a cramp on my cross-border shopping trips,” said Eby, who spent the past five years never venturing further than Waterloo. “I guess my Earl doesn’t mind that I haven’t been shopping as much.”

Eby plans to apply for her new passport, which she hopes to get in time for the 2028 Mennonite World Conference.

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