Friesens Rush to be First for ‘Der Friedensfurst’


As soon as the invitation was made to come to front to sing ‘Der Friedensfurst,’ all the Friesens in the Plum Coulee Mennonite congregation rushed to be first.

“It’s our song!” said soprano Mrs. Friesen. “Friesens always have to be first with ‘Der Friedensfurst.'”

Things got a little out of hand, however, as there were so many Friesens trying to be first that some slight shoving and jostling for position occurred.

“For a Friesen, there’s nothing more important than being first for ‘Der Friedensfurst,'” explained another Mrs. Friesen, an alto. “Even if you don’t really sing well, the goal is to get up there first!”

At one point the Loewen family tried to get in on the action, but were overwhelmed by ravenous Friesens.

“You didn’t hear the song leader say ‘Der Loewensfurst’ did you? I don’t think so!” said yet another Mrs. Friesen. “They’ve got plenty of Loewen songs; let us have ‘Der Friedensfurst’!”

Government officials issued dozens of fines for not social distancing, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, before realizing all these Friesens belonged to the same household.

(photo credit: Hubert Figuiere/CC)

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