Donald Trump Proposes ‘Ideological Test’ to Keep His Own Supporters Out of the Country


In a foreign policy speech today in Ohio, Presidential candidate Donald Trump harkened back to the Cold War and proposed ‘an ideological test’ that would successfully keep far-right conservatives out of the country. The test, which asks questions on gender roles, the use of violence, and LGBT rights, is intended to keep the country free of radical Muslims, but Trump says the questionnaire could just as easily be used to remove some of his own supporters.

“If you don’t support LGBT rights, you fail the test. If you don’t believe in the equality of men and women, you’re out of here. If you support violent action to defend your extremist religious views, I’m sorry, but you’re just not fit for America,” said Trump, who was noticeably more scripted and less off the cuff than usual.

The test would be used as part of a process of ‘vigorous vetting,’ that would determine who is and who isn’t ‘American enough’ to reside in America.

“This is the land of liberty, ” Trump said. “In America we believe in total gender and sexual equality, and if you don’t hold these values you’re going to have to move to some country like Iran or Saudi Arabia where the people think like you do.”

The hand-picked audience was supportive of Trump’s proposal, but others outside the rally were a bit more hesitant.

“Gender equality? Are you kidding me? I guess I have more in common with the extremists than I thought,” said former Trump supporter, Bill Edwards of Youngstown. “As a man, I’m the head of my household, and no one, not even Donald Trump will make me change my mind on that.”

Edwards also said he planned to work extra hard to support the Ted Cruz campaign in 2020.

(Photo by Gage Skidmore/CC)

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