Mennonite Woman Challenges Marie Kondo to Cleaning Competition


Mrs. Toews, a Holdeman Mennonite from Newton, Kansas believes that Marie Kondo is no match for her cleaning and organizing skills, and has challenged the Japanese cleaning guru to a “good old fashioned clean off.”

“I’m pretty sure this Ms. Kondo has never had to clean up after the Toews boys,” said Mrs. Toews. “I have my doubts she’d ever had to spray out the hog truck after it comes back from delivery.”

Mrs. Toews claims to have the cleanest, most organized, household in Newton, and all of this without ever consulting Ms. Kondo’s book.

“That woman would have you believe there’s some secret to cleaning and organizing,” said Toews. “Well, as Mennonites we’ve had the art of cleaning passed on to us over generations. We don’t need no fancy book or motivational speaker to tell us how to sort the masons jars or label the beets.”

So far Marie Kondo has not responded to Mrs. Toews’ challenge, but the community of Newton is already preparing for the competition.

“We’ll show Marie Kondo what a Mennonite house looks like after faspa,” said Mrs. Toews. “Let’s see how she does with that!”

The competition will include the cleaning and reorganization of Mrs. Toews’ kitchen, the boys’ room, the chicken coop, and the youth room at church.

(photo credit: RISE/CC)

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