Biden Proposes Gigantic Wall Between Him and Trump During the Next Debate


In an abundance of caution, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has proposed a massive $21 billion wall between him and currently ill President Donald Trump.

“Who knows what that man’s carrying? Trichinosis? Chlamydia? Swine flu? It certainly looks like he’s at least got jaundice,” said Biden. “Better to be on the safe side and get an impenetrable 20 foot tall wall built between us.”

To be extra safe the wall will feature a pinch-nose somewhere at the top and will have to be disposed of immediately after Trump’s been anywhere near it.

“I’m really hoping the wall doesn’t fog up my contact lenses,” said Biden. “Otherwise I won’t be able to read my plagiarized debate notes.”

Trump immediately agreed to the proposal, but said, to save money, they should use the wall that’s already there and Joe could “safely position himself somewhere in Juarez or someplace like that.”

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