Funeral Turns Into Mennonite Family Gathering


For the first time in almost three decades, all the Epps were gathered in the very same church gymnasium.

“Ahh, it’s so nice to see all the Epps in once place,” said John Epp of Black Creek, who ventured out to Chilliwack for the event. “It’s really too bad Oma had to die to get us all together like this.”

The Epps sat around dipping sugar cubes into their coffee as they chatted about the good old days when the Epps used to gather like this all the time.

“It’s so lovely to see my cousin Lois,” said John Epp. “She came all the way out from Calgary for the gathering/funeral.”

The Epps were so enjoying themselves playing Dutch Blitz and eating processed deli meats, that they entirely forgot why they had gathered in the first place.

“Oma did this on purpose,” said cousin Wilma. “She knew there was no other way of getting us all together. It’s too bad she couldn’t be here to see it.”

All the living Epps agreed to hold these family gatherings on a more regular basis, at least every time one of the Epp uncles or aunts passes away.

(photo credit: Kyle Adams/CC)

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