Area Couple Builds 6500 Square Foot ‘Tiny House’


A local childfree couple has just finished construction on what experts are calling the largest tiny house in the world. Joel and Amber Goerzen plan to move into the eight-million dollar tiny house at the end of the month.

“We really like everything the tiny house movement stands for,” explained Amber. “It was quite the sacrifice, but we decided to scale way back from the 7000 square foot home we initially had planned.”

Amber said that they were able to save a few hundred square feet by decreasing the size of the theatre room and reducing the number of bowling lanes to three.

“I shake my head when I see those huge mansions that some people live in,” said Amber. “It’s a lot of work to keep up a house that big, which is why I’m so happy Joel agreed to build a tiny house with me.”

Joel said he was excited to live a more simple lifestyle, but did have some concerns.

“I’m not sure if a tiny house like this is going to be enough space if, God forbid, Amber forgets her birth control pill one day,” said Joel. “Until then, however, I’m perfectly happy with a quiet little house like this.”

Joel and Amber also plan to go “off-grid” once their very own hydro-electric plant is built in the backyard.

(photo credit: W. Baldwin/CC/Modified)

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