Abbotsford Relatives Rush to Manitoba Where There’s Air Conditioning


The mass exodus seems to be reversing itself, as thousands of Mennos from the Fraser Valley are flocking back to Manitoba where homes come equipped with luxuries such as you know, like, air conditioning and stuff.

Diewel, it’s hot out there!” said a noticeably sweating Mrs. Janzen of Chilliwack. “I moved to the west coast for temperate climates and a bit of rain. Usually I just crack the window open a bit when it gets to a scorching 22 or 23 degrees, but this is just too much.”

Janzen and family showed up unannounced at her cousin’s place in Altona this week, where she waltzed inside, stripped down to a tank top and cranked the AC.

“Ahhh, Manitoba, land of climate-controlled homes,” said Janzen, with her feet up on the ottoman. “This is the life!”

Meanwhile, the Altona cousins are considering vacating the premises and moving back to Paraguay since the AC costs are just skyrocketing with their BC relatives around.

“Yeah, it’s true we have AC,” said Mrs. Janzen of Altona. “But we never use it. Henry forbids it. Along with turning on the heat in winter.”

(photo credit: sheldonschwartz/CC)

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