Local Boy Strikes it Rich Gathering Quartz from the Driveway


Gruenfeld boy Joel Bergman, 9, has become the area’s youngest millionaire this week after discovering several quartz stones in the family’s gravel driveway.

“Who would have thought his rock collecting hobby would turn out to be so lucrative,” said proud father Earl. “I just hope he invests all his quartz money wisely.”

The rocks were placed in a drawstring Crown Royal bag alongside some petrified wood and a piece of moss that looked interesting.

“Driveway quartz has become a mainstay of the economy around here,” said Earl. “It’s nice to see it still holds its value.”

Earl said he used to collect driveway quartz when he was Joel’s age.

“When Carol and I got engaged, I even bought her a 2 carat driveway quartz ring,” said Earl. “I’ve even heard rumours that the DeBeers company is interested in mining our driveway.”

Lured by the appeal of hockey cards, young Joel has apparently moved on from rock collecting this afternoon and discarded his entire collection in the front yard.

(photo credit: sayo ts/CC)

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