Ungerer Adds an Extra ‘Er’ to Become Ungererer


Not satisfied with the mildererer form of the word Unger, area man Bill Ungerer has decided to add an extra ‘er’ and become the world’s first Ungererer.

“And my kids, I hope, will be Ungerererers,” said Ungererer from this Kitchenererer home. “One can nevererer have too many ‘ers’ in a name.”

Ungererer isn’t quite surererer how this whole Ungerer thing started, but he’s not one to quit on the whole thingererer.

“Extending surerernames is just part of our family’s tradition,” said Ungererer. “It doesn’t matter that the extra ‘ers’ are totally unnecessary. It’s like those 2-N Ennses.”

Ungererer also plans to be rebaptized a third time this fall and thus become the first evererer Anabaptizererer.

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