Winnipeg Kids Excited for New ‘Princess Elsa Stadium’


Children all over the Winnipeg metro area (so, like, umm, Winnipeg plus Niverville or something) were super excited about the announcement of the new Princess Elsa Stadium.

“They’re losing sleep over it,” said local mom Angie Brandt. “They’re already asking me how many sleeps until they can go to Princess Elsa Stadium. I don’t want to shatter their dreams.”

According to the schoolyard chatter, the new stadium will feature a magical world of ice and snow, complete with a colony of trolls and a living snowman named Olaf.

“And every time they Blue Bombers score they’re going to play ‘Let it Go,'” said Brandt. “At least that’s what the kids are saying.”

It’s not known how much was paid for the new stadium naming agreement, but experts believe if CanadInns can afford it, so can Disney.

“It was a toss-up between Princess Anna and Princess Elsa, but the kids voted and Elsa it is,” said Brandt. “She’s got magical powers, after all.”

Brandt is hoping this Princess Elsa magic will at least be enough to defeat the Riders in the Banjo Bowl.

(photo credit: krazytea/wikicommons/modified) 

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