Trudeau to Teach Ethics Class at Local Community College this Fall


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just been hired to a teach a 3 credit hour Ethics course at a local community college this fall.

“It’s a historical survey of ethics from the Ancient Greeks to SNC-Lavalin and everything in between,” said Trudeau. “I’m really excited to pass on everything I know about ethics to the next generation!”

St. Catharines University of Metaphysics, formerly called Southern Ontario Bible School, is excited to have such a world renowned ethics expert teaching this course.

“At S.C.U.M. we give students access to the best scholars in the world, people who are really working in the field,” said the university president Dr. Wiebe. “What better person to teach about ethics than a man’s who right there getting his hands dirty?”

Also scheduled to teach ethics courses at S.C.U.M. this year are former M.P. Vic Toews, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Senator Mike Duffy, and former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell.

“We’ve got an All Star line-up,” said Dr. Wiebe. “We’ve even got Andrew Scheer coming in to teach a course on Self-righteous Indignation. It’s gonna be great!”

(photo credit: Alex Guibord/CC)

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