Mennonite Couple Swims in Dead Sea, ‘Not Salty Enough’ Complains Husband (Headline Contest #1 Winner)

Congrats to Nate Sawtazky, headline contest winner for this week!

Esach week The Unger Review will provide a photo in need of a headline. At the end of the week the top 3 headlines, as selected by The Unger Review, will be put up for a vote and a winner will be declared!

Thank you to everyone who entered and try again next week if your headline didn’t get chosen. We received a huge amount of entries this week, but we can only pick 3 finalists. Congrats to this week’s finalists Diana Neuman, Nate Sawatzky, and Moses Falco. Which headline is your favourite?

Voting now closed for this week.

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What is your favourite headline for this photo?
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