Ten ‘Nah Yos’ Required to Extricate Mennonite Man from Conversation


Mr. Bergen was eager to get home and watch the last period of the Jats game after Bible study this week, but, no matter how many times he said “nah yo, dan,” he just couldn’t vacate the conversation.

“Usually it just take three or four ‘nah yos’ but Mr. Loewen just kept yammering on and on about the price of hogs,” explained Mr. Bergen. “I gave him all the cues. I paused, I yawned, I interjected ‘nah yo’ on numerous occasions, but he always found one more thing to talk about!”

Mr. Loewen kept Mr. Bergen at the door long after Mr. Bergen had already put on his coat and shoes.

“He didn’t even seem to care that he was letting all the hot air out,” said Mr. Bergen. “If half a dozen nah yos doesn’t do it, nothing will!”

Finally, after the tenth ‘nah yo’ Mr. Bergen just made a dash for his car, with Mr. Loewen barreling behind him and yelling something about weanlings.

“Nah yo, nah yo, nah yo!” yelled Mr. Bergen before slamming the car door in Mr. Loewen’s face.

Mr. Bergen managed to make it home for the last five minutes of the game, and Mr. Loewen was ticketed and fined three hundred dollars and five demerits for failure to yield at a ‘nah yo’.

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