Stop Playing God! 7 Ways You’re Playing God Without Even Realizing It!

Oba, all those people with their modern medicine and science yet! Not only are they completely disregarding the instructions of their trajchtmoaka or alternative medicine practioner, but the worst thing is they’re playing God. God created the world a certain way, and when humans alter that in any way, they are playing God! But modern science and things like vaccines are not the only way that we’re playing God. Let me show you a few more!

  • Eating a potato – Potatoes originated in Peru and were only first brought to Europe and North America just a few centuries ago. Unless you’re growing your potatoes in Peru, you are definitely playing God if you plant, grow, or eat a potato. Who are you, a mere human, to take a potato and plant it wherever you feel like it? If God had wanted potatoes to grow in Saskatchewan or Kansas or wherever, he would have placed them there to begin with. Stop playing God with your potatoes! Not to mention the real heathens who take God’s perfectly formed potato and mash it!
  • Wearing clothes – Of course we know that humans were naked at first. But even after the Fall, God clothed Adam and Eve with the skin of an animal, not Fortrel pants! Unless your entire wardrobe is made of fur, you’re going well beyond the clothing prescribed by God. This means no cotton, no wool, and certainly no silk! Stop playing God with your clothing choices! This also includes Spandex (for other reasons)!
  • Riding a horse and buggy – We all know that driving a car is playing God, but what about a horse? First of all, the modern horse is a domesticated animal, which is far from being in its natural God-given state. Ever tried riding a wild horse as God intended? Then there’s the whole issue of the wheels on your buggy. If God had intended wood or rocks to be formed into perfect circles suitable for transportation, he would have made them that way. We should find wheel-shaped rocks and logs everywhere. And yet we don’t! Stop playing God with your horse and buggy! God has given you legs for a reason!
  • Wearing glasses – This one is pretty obvious. God has given you certain limitations at birth, such as height, weight, intelligence, and level of eyesight. Who are you to say God did a bad job in creating your vision? Isn’t it utterly presumptuous of you to suggest you need 20/20 vision, as if God failed when he created you. Stop playing God with your worldly glasses! Oh and stop squinting, too. That’s just as bad.
  • Drinking milk – I don’t just mean for the lactose intolerant. I mean anybody! Who are we to drink what God has clearly intended for the consumption of young calves? If God had intended us to drink cow’s milk, he wouldn’t have put it inside a cow where it’s hard to access. It simply isn’t natural. Stop playing God by drinking cow’s milk! And, yes, this includes squeaky cheese curds!
  • Personal grooming – Ever clipped your finger nails, had a hair cut, or taken a shower? Well, it’s pretty clear you are lacking faith because if God had intended your fingers nails to be short, your hair to be kempt, or your body to be clean, he would have created you that way! Stop playing God by grooming yourself!
  • Reading the Bible – Unless you’re reading the Scriptures from the original manuscripts (which no longer exist) and reading them in Hebrew and Greek you are, in fact, playing God. The Bible you’re reading has been translated by scholars and printed on a printing press, which didn’t even exist until the 1400s, long after the Bible was written. Either read the original scrolls in their original languages or stop playing God!
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