Mennonite Woman Caught Listening In On Party Line


There was a prolonged awkward moment at the church picnic on Sunday after Mrs. Wiebe spoke too liberally about the information she had uncovered while listening in on the party line that connected her home phone with five other farms in the area.

Waut de schissjat, Helen? How did you know about my bunion surgery?” asked Mrs. Toews. “I never told you about it, so there’s no way you could know…unless…Oba, nay, Helen, have you been listening in on the party line?!”

Mrs. Wiebe denied the accusation but the evidence was just too compelling.

“I thought I heard heavy breathing,” said Mrs. Toews. “Oba, Helen, you are such a schwaä!”

Mrs. Toews threatened to take this matter before the church elder board.

“No, please, not the elder board! Anything but the elder board!” pleaded Mrs. Wiebe. “I promise you, I’ll never do it again. Please, have mercy on me!”

But Mrs. Wiebe’s calls for clemency fell on deaf ears, as the crime of listening in on the party line was just too awful to be overlooked. She was sentenced to three years of heavy labour teaching the Young People’s Sunday School class.

(photo credit: by dno1967b/CC)

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