Sean Penn Confesses He’s Really a Penner


Hollywood icon Sean Penn appeared on The View today and confessed that he shortened his name name back in 1978 so as “not to appear too Mennonite.”

“I’m a Penner,” said Penn. “I assumed my appearance in Fast Times at MCI would have made that obvious.”

Penn says it’s too late to change back to his birth name, but says there are some days when he really could go for a nice faspa followed by meddachschlop.

“I miss being a Penner,” says Penn. “The family gatherings, the hymn singing, all the schmaunt fat. Ahhh, those were the days.”

Despite all the pleasures of being a Penner, Penn says the only way he’d considered going back to his real name is if he could convince Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon to join him in a brand new film called Molotschna River.

(photo credit: World Humanitarian Summit/CC)

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