Mennonite Man Generously Splurges on Dessert at Local Pub


It was date night for the Bergmans this Friday, so the couple went to their favourite local watering hole Sawney Beans on Main Street, where they enjoyed a few pints, a delicious chicken curry, and where Tim finally splurged on dessert.

“Sarah, I love you, you deserve this,” said Tim, motioning for the bill. “This time I’ve ordered dessert!”

It didn’t take long and the check arrived complete with two complimentary Hershey’s Ovations mints.

“Oh, Tim, you shouldn’t have,” said Sarah, super excited that her husband finally didn’t cheap out this time. “Well, you know what this means. We’re having an extra long meddachschlop tonight!”

Upon hearing about the special meddachschlop, Tim quickly devoured his Ovation, eager to get home.

“Don’t rush it, Tim,” said Sarah, snapping a photo of the Ovation for Instagram. “It’s not every day you order dessert like this! Oh, Tim, you’re the most generous man alive!”

A twenty foot tall statue of Tim Bergman, the first Steinbach husband ever to order dessert, is being erected on the corner of Main and Lumber.

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