Richard Dawkins Comes Forward at Tent Revival Meeting


Renowned atheist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins, who was in town yesterday to attend the wedding of a distant cousin, was seen entering a local big tent revival meeting, undoubtedly lured in by the singing of the Doxology.

“I figured I’d just go in and check it out,” said Dawkins. “Who knows, maybe I could even get into a furious debate about theism with somebody.”

Whatever his intentions, by half-way through the service, Dawkins was in tears.

“I see now that my Flying Spaghetti Monster analogy just doesn’t hold any water whatsoever,” said Dawkins. “I hearby renounce everything I ever wrote in The God Delusion.”

Dawkins, a new man, was seen partaking in faspa with the crowd after the service.

“The Catholics couldn’t reach me. The Anglicans couldn’t convince me. The Baptists and Methodists and more than a few JWs tried,” said Dawkins. “Who knew that a couple Mennonites in a tent in southern Manitoba would finally break through and win me over.”

(photo credit: by fronteirasweb/CC)

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