Prince Harry Hits 99 km/h on Local Toboggan Hill


There was just enough snow for recent bobsled enthusiast Prince Harry to set a new record at Manitoba’s highest peak: Abe’s Hill in Steinbach.

“First we had to clear all the children on their snow saucers out of the way,” said official bobsled timekeeper Garth Doerksen. “Then we trudged up several metres to the top of the hill and let ‘er rip.”

Harry is apparently practicing for the upcoming Olympics and wanted to make sure he was in top form.

“And what better place to practice than an artificially constructed hill in southern Manitoba,” said Harry. “What a view from the top. I could see all the way to Chicken Chef from there.”

It’s not known how exactly Harry managed to gain enough speed that he ended up in Mrs. Penner’s backyard.

“We haven’t been visited by royalty like this since Her Majesty came through Steinbach in 1970,” said Mrs. Penner. “Let’s just say I know a thing or two about sausage grease.”

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