Huge Crowd for Kate Bowler has People Thinking Taylor Swift is in Town


Area man, Peter Dueck, 71, ventured into the city from Winkler this afternoon and decided to enter Grant Park Shopping Centre via the convenient McNally Robinson entrance. Unfortunately for the bewildered Dueck, he arrived just minutes before the start of the Kate Bowler event.

Waut de kuckuck is going on here?” said Dueck, weaving his way through the crowd. “Oh, it must be Taylor Swift or something.”

Dueck managed to squeeze a few paces into the building, but gave up and decided “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

“I picked up a copy of Taylor’s new book Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day,” said Dueck. “I just hope I can get it signed.”

After finding his composure, Dueck joined the audience to listen to the speaker.

“Oba, half of Winkler is here,” noted Dueck. “Well, there are a heck of a lot of Penners, anyway.”

Bowler regaled the audience with her usual wit and charm, but promised she wouldn’t perform “Look What You Made Me Do” or “Cardigan.”

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